We have the largest selection of Kumihimo supplies in the US. Our trims are made just for us with Kumihimo in mind. Please check ebay for this selection

Loom Jewelry started in 2012 from a small group of artists who were enjoying the art a great deal and saw...

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We carry the widest selection of looms, spools, trim, end caps and beads especially for the art. 

Make custom jewelry to fit your mood and wardrobe. We have a kit to fit every skill level. Explore the possibilities of this addicting ancient art.

The History of Kumihimo

Kumihimo is the 2000 year old art of Japanese Rope Making. Traditionally the men would make decorative ropes for swords, armor or Kimono ties. A wooden Marudai was used. Today we can all enjoy this are with Loom Jewelry portable looms. It's easy and jewelry making has never been so fun.

Kumihimo disks are made of firm portable foam. The square loom makes a flat braid and the round loom makes a round rope. The design of your rope is based on where you put your colored trims on the loom. The diameter is determined by the number of cowards used. Does not matter the size of the loom for the finished rope diameter. 

We have easy videos here to help you get started, just click on the video and watch. We also include full color instructions with your order.